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Quick Update

November 18, 2009

Its been a very creative couple of weeks here, hence the few posts! Always a tradeoff isn’t it?

First, I’ve had some success using Brazil and Rhino projecting light shadows. Nice results with shadows… not quite successful with radiance patterns yet. As Dan suggested in his comment, likely to do with tweaking the materials. I’ll post some images shortly (in fact, here is a first one) and have worked up a paper submission based on the project.

Monday I had a great breakfast visit with Bill Taylor, a local architect who has been working with artist James Harrison on fabricated artwork. It turned a two hour visit! They’ve done some fun concept designs in Grasshopper/Rhino for high rise towers studded with wind turbines. I’m looking forward to seeing what they generate next.

I really appreciate the input on renderers from Dan, Peter and Bill. All good ideas. I have Brazil on trial and look forward to checking out these other options. Glad that I bought a larger desktop last spring!

And finally, I’m working up a new concept project based on John Conway’s computational Game of Life, you can find an excellent website implementation of it here.   A paper at ACADIA presented a “brick” wall constructed using cellular automata patterns.  Very interesting, but static.  I am exploring what an art installation might look like implementing a large scale, interactive cellular automata.  I am working some images up off of that as well.  Look forward to sharing them.


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  1. Peter Stubbs permalink
    November 19, 2009 7:04 pm

    I have Maxwell here if you want to wander by & play with it. Just give me a heads up.

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