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Solar 2010 Paper Accepted

February 12, 2010

I’m very pleased to say that a paper submission I made based on my solar screens was accepted to the Solar 2010 conference this May in Phoenix!  Crunch mode here, the final paper has to be delivered by March 8th and there is a lot of work to do to get there.  I’m happily developing Rhino/Grasshopper/C# scripts generating screens.  Not totally thrilled with the combination… the given C# editor is weak and I don’t know how to tap into the files directly.  Also, the data structures in Grasshopper are limited.  The big win of Grasshopper, on the other hand, is the incremental nature of the development process.  You add a dohicky that makes a circle and it immediately appears in the Rhino window.  So while the code debugging environment is weak, the geometrical debugging is strong.

I am interested in exploring the Sketchup/Ruby environment as an alternative.

Here is a quick flash video of  a screen in action: whoops!  Uploading video requires a $60/yr upgrade!  Well, you can watch it on my home website instead, Click on the image below to take you to the page.

On a related note, before the holidays I had a fun (paid) commission to create some images of Christmas decorations dressing up a delayed construction project in the Portland downtown core.  That project has led to a new commission to help with graphic design and layout of the Street Car Extension Design Guidelines for the City of Mesa, Arizona, also in the Phoenix area.  Here’s a fun image from that previous work… Christmas in Sin City!

Cheers!   Hope to see  you in Phoenix!

– Brian –

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