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A Real Project

April 2, 2010

My brother and his wife own a small property outside Goldendale, Washington, and is interested in building a weekend cabin on the site.  Following in the footsteps of such great architects as Wright, Ghery and Veturi in designing their own or their mother’s house as their first project, I’d decided to use this as my breakout project.

The site is lovely, 5 & 1/2 acres partially clear, partially forested with a moderately dense covering of cedars and scrub oak.   Aesthetically, they are drawn to work like that of Tom Kundig’s Delta Shelter, in part because they see the steel window panels as both durable and secure.  Characteristics important in Goldendale.  The winters are rough and there are a lot of critters happy to move in when the folks aren’t home, not to mention the higher order animals living in the back country, running meth-labs and voting the gun-lobby ticket.

What they are not looking for is a high end project, such as Kundig’s Methow Valley work.   My take is that the right approach is to basically, “What Would Ikea Build?”   To create a modular, durable, inexpensive structure, perhaps following the principles expressed in “Refabricating Architecture” by Kieran and Timberlake.  In addition, I’m working on identifying an architect with whom I can collaborate on the project, treating it as an internship and for NCARB hours while paying back with additional work as needed.   There is a great deal of potential for me here, I hope it works out!

– Brian –

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