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April 9, 2010

Last week I speculated that architectural art might be facing the same shift away from photorealism that fine art underwent beginning in the late 1800s.   See that post Here.  Later in the week I had a meeting with local architect, Rick Potestio, regarding the Goldendale Cabin project I presented in a second Post.  It was a great visit, Rick has some prior history with the type of project I am trying to develop and there are some skills I believe that I can offer him in return.

In doing a little background research before the meeting, however, I came across this image by Rick that is also a perfect example of what I was spoke of  in  my article on non-photorealistic art.  Check this out:

Watercolor art by Rick Potestio

What I see here is a perfect example of what I described as imagery presenting high emotional content with little photorealism.   This house, maybe it is on a beach because of sandy texture in the foreground, there are certainly trees, there is blue sky and sunshine (wishful thinking?  I’m guessing this project was here in Oregon).   I can see where the driveway leads up and curves around to the garage in back.    There is a great deal of information available, and it is presented in a manner totally accessible to the client.   But the factual information is limited to the facts are minimized while the sense of place is highlighted.  The image shows me the character of the place and makes it somewhere that I want to see and visit.  If this were my home, I’d want this art hanging on my wall.

– Brian –

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