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Collaboratory Begins to Take Shape

June 18, 2010

A while back I mentioned that I had been introduced to Second Life by some business and sociology professors who are studying collaborative work environments.  After a good deal of learning and coming up to speed on the Second Life design process, my first simple buildings are beginning to take shape on the site.

A view of the main entry building from the street. It provides a street presence and two floors of space for open exhibits. The courtyard in front invites visitors onto while its fountain and water channel will provide visual and aural interest while leading visitors into and through the space.

Standing inside the exhibit space, we see the water channel passing across the center and the staircase leading upward to the second floor. Because the center targets the study of virtual spaces, the design emphasizes the mildly surreal atmosphere by using unrealizable design elements such as the stair treads floating in space.

As we pass through the exhibit space and out the back of the building, we continue to follow the water channel between two office spaces which will accommodate the avatars of the collaboratory staff. Construction progress is visible in the office interior, where dirt and landscaping debris still exist!

Beyond the main building we reach the as yet undeveloped portion of the site. Here the water channel will flow into a pond with further exhibit spaces and meeting rooms placed around it. The buildings and objects visible here are experimental spaces used to study comfortable sizing and environment.

Looking back at the main building, we the stairs leading upward between the offices and back through the exhibit hall.

Feel free to visit the site in Second Life!  SLurl is:

– Brian –

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