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Cultural Whiplash in Vegas

November 29, 2011


Outside my hotel room in Vegas.

I probably should not have been reading Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk on my flight down to Las Vegas last night. It made the surreality here all the more so. On top of that, I’m experiencing a cultural whiplash. Having just returned a month ago from the annual ACADIA conference in Banff with a 150 of my best academic friends, I am now attending Autodesk University with my favorite 8000+ fellow developers and users. Each experience is great in its own way.  I personally prefer visiting Banff, but as I stand here in the glitter, noise and techno of these modern monsters on the Vegas strip, I do have to ask myself whether it’s actually any “better” or “greener” that the Canadian Pacific built the Chateau Lake Louise in the middle of a precious wilderness. It’s hard to imagine all 8000 of us at Lake Louise. But I do hope that in another 100 years, the Chateau will still stand while the fake Venice I now sit in will be long gone.


Chateau Lake Louise in Banff, Albert, Canada


Lunchtime at Autodesk University

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