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A Year End Review of Gnarly Architecture in 2012

December 27, 2012

It has been an inspiring year for the Gnarly Architecture Blog. In this final week of 2012 I’m amazed to look back on the annual stats and see over 7,000 hits originating from across the entire globe.  It has been a year of steady growth and I want to say thank you to all the followers and subscribers from wherever you may be on the planet.

Global hits on Gnarly Architecture for 2012

Global hits on Gnarly Architecture for 2012

It is also interesting to take a look back to see what’s working and what to focus on for the new year.

First, the post with the most hits remains the one following my return from the Murcutt Master Class nearly two years ago. There is nothing like invoking Mr. Murcutt’s name to bring in readers. For anyone reading that post for the first time today and wondering how I feel about the program now, two years later… it was great! What a fun-loving group of people with whom to learn and trade expertise, even if only for a short while. My conclusion at the end of that post still holds true – the real reward of attending the Master Class wasn’t architecture, it was the people I met and what I learned about myself in the process.

As for other subjects, posts in 2012 have reflected my increasing passion for solar design and its focus in my design practice. There has been a lot of traffic around Heliotrope, the solar design plugin for Rhino/Grasshopper which I have developed at Slate Shingle Studio. Postings on Aligning the Sun in Sketchup, Passive Aggressive Solar Design and the Vdara Hotel Solar Case Study all generated very positive responses and these studies will set the direction for the coming year as well.

Smart Geometry is in London this year, and ACADIA  will convene outside Toronto, which will make for great blog posts on my twin passions, travel and gnarly design! It also looks to be an exciting year of growth at Slate Shingle Studio, which I look forward to chronicling here as well. Please return often in 2013 for more solar design techniques, tools, and case studies. I look forward to your visits and comments throughout the coming year!

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