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Smartgeometry 2013 Deadline Approaches

February 5, 2013

This is the final week for submitting applications to attend the Smartgeometry 2013 (sg2013) conference to be held April 15th-20th at the Bartlett School in London.

Smartgeometry is highly participatory, which is unusual for an architectural conference. The first four days comprise eight intensive hands-on workshops, referred to as “clusters,” each addressing a specific design topic. Attendees spend the four days exploring a theme led by an expert in that field. Along with the sleep deprived workshop participants, a broader audience attends the final days, which are filled out with guest keynote speakers and presentations of the results of the clusters.

The Generative Components Cluster hard at work during sg2012

The Generative Components Cluster hard at work during sg2012

The sg2013 conference theme, Constructing For Uncertainty, is heavily computational, a departure from the more material and physically constructive projects of the 2012 conference held at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York.

SG 2012 was hosted in the phenomenally beautiful EMPAC building at Rensselaer Polytechnical Institute

EMPAC building at RPI, home base for sg2012

If it’s your first Smartgeometry conference, you’ll want to know how to navigate. It’s important to choose a cluster group that is truly interesting to you as an attendee, both for the topic of study and the leadership with whom you wish to work. Each cluster is limited to about 10 people, so prospective attendees are required to apply and to state their top three choices. The application requires that you provide two pages of materials showcasing your experience and talent, and one – yes, only one – canonical image from your work. From there, a magical selection process assigns accepted participants to the various clusters.

Far beyond the experience of a normal conference, Smartgeometry provides opportunities to work with new colleagues and to form deep friendships with phenomenally creative people, all stretching the bounds of their abilities and expertise. The experience is far more memorable and productive than sitting through a series of presentations of other people’s work while you anxiously await the twenty minutes allocated to present your own.

I highly encourage all interested to attend. Applications to sg2013 are due by February 10, 2013. I hope to see you there!

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