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Heliotrope Switches to Creative Commons Licensing!

November 5, 2013

HeliotropeFlowerHeliotrope is getting new development activity after a lull these past few months! First and foremost is a switch to a licensing model based on the Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 license.  This change makes Heliotrope FREE for both educational and  commercial use, but requires that credit be given to Slate Shingle Studio and Heliotrope whenever it is used on a project.  The NoDerivs part of the license means that it is not an open-source project; the source code remains proprietary.  The exact legalese is still in work because the CC licenses are not really supposed to be applied to software, that is, they don’t mention source code.  For now, I hope that the intent is clear.  Please ask if you have any questions.

With this change, there is a new build of Heliotrope now available on Food4Rhino that does not require a license key.  This is still a beta version, although it is very stable and has held up well over the past several months. To move past beta I intend to update a few features based on the excellent suggestions I’ve received.  The primary change will be to incorporate a timezone offset into the Julian Day data-type Heliotrope supplies.  This will alleviate the need to keep specifying the offset whenever the Julian Day is displayed as string. I plan to incorporate the date string format generated by David Rutten’s calendar objects into the Julian Day type as well.  Finally, the shadow projection component will be modified to handle multiple receiving planes.

The upcoming 2.0 release will replace the PDF User Guide with a more flexible web based documentation tree here on Gnarly Architecture. For those interested in the shade analysis components included in the previous release, I have temporarily removed them from Heliotrope and will launch them separately as a sister project. I want to highlight the special nature of the geometric analysis they perform, above and beyond what is commonly available with solar vectors. Stay tuned and keep those cards and letters coming!

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